Sebastiano RICCI (Belluno 1659 - Venice 1734) The... - Lot 82 - Hôtel des Ventes de Bergerac Boissinot & Tailliez

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Sebastiano RICCI (Belluno 1659 - Venice 1734) The... - Lot 82 - Hôtel des Ventes de Bergerac Boissinot & Tailliez
Sebastiano RICCI (Belluno 1659 - Venice 1734) The Angel Gabriel on a gold background Canvas painted and gilded wood frame of the maratta type in faux marble and gilded wood from the 18th century Height : 90 cm Width: 73 cm Provenance : - Probably the painting in the "Cappucine di Castello" church in Venice (Chapel of the Virgin); - Paris, galerie Coatalem in 1992. Bibliography: - Annalisa Scarpa "Sebastiano Ricci", bruno alfieri editore, 2006, p 265 , p358 (p/59), reproduced p370 - J.Daniels, "Sebastiano Ricci", Wayland Publishers, 1976, p144, no. 504c, believed lost since the destruction of the church; - A.M Zanetti "Descrizione di tutte le publiche pitture della Citta di Venezia" Venice, 1733, p 440; - C.N Cochin "Voyage d'Italie ou Recueil de notes sur les ouvrages de Peintures et Sculptures qu'on voit in the principal cities of Italy" Paris, 1758. Minor chips old restorations C.N Cochin (Paris 1715-1790) on his trip to Italy with Madame de Pompadour and her brother the Marquis de Marigny de Marigny, from 1749 to 1751, noticed, in the Church of the "Capucine di Castello" in Venice, a set of four works by Sebastiano Ricci. by Sebastiano Ricci. He described these canvases, which depicted "The Last Supper", "The Baptism of Christ" and "The Annunciation" as "vigorous" works, "of beautiful effect and manner". According to the descriptions in the various works describing Venice in the 18th century, Le Baptism of Christ was in the church opposite the Last Supper and at the entrance to the Chapel of the Annunciation The Angel Gabriel, probably our painting, stood opposite the Virgin. Like the masters of the Quattrocento, Sebastiano Ricci painted the Angel Gabriel on a gold background technique, but in our painting we find the profile inspired by Luca Giordano, the hands and the warm, luminous, brushed colors typical of Sebastiano Ricci's art. Expert: Cabinet TURQUIN. Mr. Stéphane Pinta.
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